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Evilness [wickedness, malice] is part of mankind since Cain and Abel. It is a special property of human beings, since in the animal world practically it does not exist. It is located in the human brain separated from the goodness with a very small borderline and is present in every human and all daily life.

But what makes the difference between "good" and "bad" guys, is how individuals can handle that special property and do not cross this borderline within their minds to the evil side.

The German sociologist Wolfgang Sofsky wrote in his book "Die Ordnung des Terrors" [The order of terror, p.135] concerning the motives of KZ wardens:

"For cruelty, a lack of moral sense and brutalisation through daily service are enough. The wardens flogged, tormented and killed, because they did not have to, but they were allowed to do so."

Theodor Aichholzer, Häftlings-Nr. 423 [prisoner-n°] rarely talked about what happened to him during the time in the concentration camp. He was tortured and beaten as so many others and the effect was not merely physical but deeply psychological which took on effect the rest of his life.

But sometimes when he were out for a walk in the woods with his son and grandchildren he came out of himself and started to tell little stories about the occurrences which affected him directly or where he only was a still observer.

However his first words were always:

I do not tell these things to seed hatred, although I still feel bitterness. But what happened in the concentration camps in these cruel and horribly times must never be forgotten, so people may learn out of history and never ever make that happen again.

And that is exactly what this website is all about and to honour a courage and brave man who saved so many lives throughout long years of imprisonment in living hell.

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Theodor Aichholzer
Prisoner N° 423

29 Dec 1912 - 13 Mar 1991

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To the angel of Flossenbürg, Theo Aichholzer prisoner # 423, who in severe times saved the life of thousands of prisoners in the former KZ [concentration camp] Flossenbürg, in gratitude dedicated from the comrade 369 of former prisoners.




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In Memoriam:   Prisoner N°423, Theodor Aichholzer